Tribe Gatherings

Join us in a journey of connection, interaction and reflection. Through a programming based on balancing the four basic elements that compose life - water, earth, air, and fire - we provide a space that is open for all who seek a fulfilling routine of mindful practices. 


As each of the elements represents a state of matter, consciously working through them means learning how to live a purposeful life. At Yamba we create lasting bonds, celebrate meaningful existence, and honor ancient traditions, taking steps together towards higher awareness and unity.

Fire: Strength

Earth: Nourish

Air: Breathe

Water: Flow

Sunset Dinners


The sun brings life to all of us through its diligent work; join us every Friday to celebrate the end of another shift. A night of live bossa jazz, surprising flavors and nature contemplation.


Jazz/bossa nova band to play every Friday from 7pm-10:30pm 

Pre-fix menu for 26 euros

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